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Your Donation Today Will Help Save a Life. Make a Difference. Donations help provide comprehensive care that utilizes many interventions based on individual patient needs. Help Your Community. “Jeane Black's contributions to the health and welfare of her community are continuously applauded.” Do Good. Feel Good.

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We need to help. Most of the people that are suffering through food poverty have kids. Those kids won't be listening in school because they would be thinking of how hungry they are and for that they would get bad grades which could get them in trouble at school and that can lower there self esteem which can lead them to not trying and them living in the streets. They will never reach there dreams if we don't help.

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"Nature does not give to those who will not spend..."

Flash Floods

Flash Floods Have Killed Hundreds

Flash Floods Have Killed Hundreds In Pakistan, Where Severe Climate Change Is Just Beginning We need to help. Most of the people that are suffering through flood they will never reach there dreams if we don't help.

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Homeless Peoples

Why We Are At Risk Of Ignoring The Real Source Of Poverty

Unprecedented floods have destroyed homes, livelihoods and crops ... and the resulting poverty and debt is creating a generation of undernourished children they will never reach there dreams if we don't help.

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Save Humanity

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As human beings, when we are inspired we do things that we wouldn’t otherwise do. The world needs inspiration to act together; aiming to save humanity by fighting climate change can be the necessary motivation for all in today’s gradually warming world.

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"Give to him who asks of you, and do not turn away from him who wants to borrow from you

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Help Others in Need We don't live in a perfect world, and there's never going to be a perfect time to give—but there are always people out there in need of help. Whether interest rates are rising, the economy is in the doldrums, or even if you're experiencing financial difficulties of your own, the reality is that when you donate your money, you help others who need it.

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  • “When you lose your parents as a child, you are indoctrinated into a club, you re taken into life's severest confidence. You are undeceived.”

  • “Orphans are the only ones who get to choose their fathers, and they love them twice as much.”

  • “Orphanages are the only places that ever left me feeling empty and full at the same time.”

  • Keep Orphan Child Smile,Happy,Healthy,Safe.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Both Legs Disabled Orphan Child

"There has been a 15-20 percent increase in the number of orphans in SWT " he says. And with this come fears that unless a way can be found to mend their lives, they face a big issue in the future which even have no even a penny to fed its self

No Father, No Future

"real orphans are those who have lost their fathers," as we walk toward the main building of the orphanage.

In traditional PTN society, males are responsible for all of their family's expenses. When a male family member is lost, the social and economic status of the family is weakened.

As a result, many families are no longer able to cover the most basic expenses for books and clothes. And even if children are properly equipped, the destruction of hundreds of schools in Swat leaves them with no place to study.

Every child at the orphanage is encouraged tell their stories. But opening their hearts is not easy, even with the help of two psychologists hired by the orphanage to provide support.

we have to support like these Orphan flowers to get their life brightness in the future 


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Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Every day, incredible people like you are helping us give every child, every chance – and making lasting change possible for children in some of the world's poorest communities.

Your donation means we can provide the essentials millions of children are living without – from access to a safe education, employment opportunities and healthcare, to clean water, decent toilets and proper sanitation. 
You’ll also be helping us end gender inequality and discrimination against girls, supporting communities to stop practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilation and to teach girls and boys about their rights

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Computer Lab For Orphan

Jan 09, 2019) - By the middle of February, every orphanage in Food for the Poor’s Feed Orphan Foundation program will have computers for the children's and for Poor who live there. Recognizing that education and technology are crucial to breaking the cycle of poverty, the largest international charity in the United States has shipped 636 computer workstations this past year to 94 orphanages in developing nations.  
“Although we meet the day-to-day needs of the poor by providing them food and water, we must think more long-term, “We must provide the tools to help them find a new future that includes meaningful work, an income and, perhaps most importantly, hope.”
For this project, Food for the Poor utilized Computing  technology that allows sharing of one PC with up to six users. One of the additional benefits of using this system in developing countries is that it lowers electrical consumption requirements by 90 percent.
The efficiency of the program attracted donors Sean and Amy, but it was their passion for helping children in need that led them to support the computer program.
“The computer program is intriguing to me as a businessman, because it offers innovation in a cost-effective way,” Ihsas khan said. “It has large potential to be replicated more easily and offers kids more opportunity to be connected in ways that are more trans formative. That is really what it is all about -- helping the children.”
Many of the children in the Feed Orphan enter the orphanages without previously having the opportunity to receive an education. The staff in the homes work to tutor and mentor the children to assist them in “catching up.”  
By providing computer labs for the orphanages, Food for the Poor has enabled the homes to offer a higher level of support to their children. Instead of being disadvantaged, the children have the advantage of a full computer lab in their residence, along with individual instructors who teach the basics of computation as well as assist the children in their homework assignments and online research.
“Giving a child access to a computer changes their lives,” said Ihsas Khan, Executive Director of Food for the Poor, who will open the conference. “In our quest to end poverty, education and technology might be our best tools. Imagine the world we open up for children when we can connect, through computers, to learning that has no boundaries.”
For information on the conference,
Food for the Poor, the largest international relief and development organization in the nation, does much more than feed millions of hungry poor in 17 countries of the Caribbean and Latin America. This interdenominational Christian agency provides emergency relief assistance, clean water, medicines, educational materials, homes, support for orphans and the aged, skills training and micro-enterprise development assistance, with more than 96 percent of all donations going directly to programs that help the poor. For more information, please visit https://www.Feedorphan.org 

Monday, December 31, 2018

Orphans Child Health Care

Orphans Child Health Care
The Feed Orphan Foundation takes extra pains to organize periodic medical-screening camps for the orphans it sponsors under Child Support Program. The most recent medical camps in this regard were held at different places AJK and KPK in which the services of general physician, ENT specialist, dental surgeon and clinical psychologist made available. The camp was also equipped with the mobile laboratory for on-spot screening of TB.
As many as 757 orphans were screened at these camps and those who needed medical treatment of any sort were provided with. The camps were also used as an opportunity to spread awareness about various diseases such as T.B, Polio and skin burning, etc.
Bringing smile back on the face of disabled persons
With almost non-existent support system, Pakistan was faced with a tremendous challenge of dealing with hundreds of its inhabitants who were rendered disabled in the earthquake 2005 and subsequent natural tragedies. Besides principally deciding to address this challenge on sustainable basis, Feed Orphan ensured to provide more than 350 wheel chairs to the deserving individuals at different places such as Muzaffarabad, Poonch, Bagh, (AJK), Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Chakwal, Manshera, Haripur, Abbottabad, Balakot, (NWFP).
Medical Camps
The Feed Orphan Foundation regularly organizes medical camps at various places to reach to the people who cannot afford adequate health facilities. At these camps, medical specialists examine and prescribe medicines to the patients which are provided to them free of cost. Recommended patients are also entitled to free medical services including diagnostic and surgery.
5-Day Free Eye Camp
"Over 1,000 Patients Treated"
The Feed Orphan held a 5-day free eye camp at Dhirkot (AJK) from Aug 19-23 which was visited by well over one thousand needy patients from adjoining areas. A total of 38 eye operations were conducted at the camp by highly qualified and renowned professionals.
The eye sight of all the patients operated upon was restored at the camp while others were provided with routine checkup services. "This is truly amazing. Everyone we have operated upon has regained his/her vision and all set to start a normal life in a matter of few weeks", said Dr. Snaullah who led a team of doctors at the camp.
While talking about the success of the camp, all the operations conducted were free of cost and visitors were provided with free medical care and counseling. Moreover, glasses were also provided to well over 100 patients". He disclosed that many more such camps would be held at different places in AJK and elsewhere in coming days.

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