Friday, February 23, 2018

Extreme Poverty

More than 2 billion children are living in poverty.
Food for the Poor strives to lift the poor out of poverty

Bring smile back on the face of an orphaned family

And the award goes to no one else but Laiba Akram. Her sheer brilliance and enthusiasm beat all others this year again, and in her we see someone who is destined to rule the roots in the days ahead.
For a while, Laiba struggles to find her feet, before walking to the podium elegantly. This is for the fourth consecutive time that she stands first in the annual exams and declamations, giving an unequivocal hint of her talent and the abiding spirit to excel.
Laiba, 9, was orphaned when she was just five months old. A carpenter by profession, her father was though hardly hard pressed; he had set lofty goals for her dolly, even before she was born. The things, however, took a nasty turn after his death and the whole family was thrown in a lurch, with no guaranteed support from any side.
They say time flies, but for Laiba and her family things had come to halt. Her mother struggled to earn a livelihood by doing sundry jobs. In her mid 30s, she kept herself engaged from dawn to desk to meet the educational expenses of her three other children - two daughters and one son - and deep down her heart she believed that enrolling Laiba to a school was simply beyond her means.

One of the most consistent themes throughout Scripture is the idea that we are called to help the poor, uplift the oppressed, and show compassion for those in need. This is the basis for all we do at Food for the Poor, and the reason why we work to alleviate extreme poverty.
Nations of abundance are blessed to have a tremendous amount of resources dedicated to help those in need. There are no safety nets for those who are mired in extreme poverty.


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