Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Millions live in unsafe Home and huts.
We build safe and secure homes for families in need of shelters.


Millions of poor families throughout the Country are living in hazardous housing conditions, with no running water, electricity or even so much as a locking front door. Instead of a solid, safe home where children can peacefully sleep, they live in crudely pieced together huts made from mud, sticks, tin, tarp, cardboard and whatever other discarded materials they can find.
These families get soaked by every rainstorm and incessantly bitten by mosquitoes and other bugs. They live in constant fear of their fragile shelter toppling on them when they sleep, and worry about intruders breaking in and harming their children. They are simply too poor to afford anything more.
For just $3,600 you can build a solid home for a family living in unsafe conditions. Food For The Poor-built homes are constructed to stand up to the harsh elements of the Poor and Orphans For families who have only known the fear and suffering that comes from living in a makeshift hovel, or perhaps just a tent, these homes are an absolutely life-changing gift.   

Donate Now for their Safety.