Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Both Legs Disabled Orphan Child

"There has been a 15-20 percent increase in the number of orphans in SWT " he says. And with this come fears that unless a way can be found to mend their lives, they face a big issue in the future which even have no even a penny to fed its self

No Father, No Future

"real orphans are those who have lost their fathers," as we walk toward the main building of the orphanage.

In traditional PTN society, males are responsible for all of their family's expenses. When a male family member is lost, the social and economic status of the family is weakened.

As a result, many families are no longer able to cover the most basic expenses for books and clothes. And even if children are properly equipped, the destruction of hundreds of schools in Swat leaves them with no place to study.

Every child at the orphanage is encouraged tell their stories. But opening their hearts is not easy, even with the help of two psychologists hired by the orphanage to provide support.

we have to support like these Orphan flowers to get their life brightness in the future 


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