Feed Orphan Foundation
Feed Orphan Foundation is the single best foundation across Global and one of the best social welfare service providers across the world running on non-commercial, non-political, and non-communal basis, serving round-the-clock without any discrimination of color, class, and creed is enjoying exclusive credentials in the shape of awards and shields conferred upon by governmental and non-governmental organizations on national and international level for rendering their exemplary services to humanity in multidimensional fields.
The diversified fields in which Feed Orphan Foundation played his greatest role for; saving the lives of thousands of newborn babies by placing the cradles outside the Feed Orphan, fostering the abandoned babies and children, free nurturing disabled and handicapped people, free caring and feeding women and elderly people who were subjected to torture or neglected by their families, free supporting to ailing patients by providing free medication and medicines through his mobile dispensaries, hospitals, and the diabetic center
In addition to above, he offered his services in many other areas—like providing land, air, and marine ambulance services during accidents to shift patients to hospitals, national and international relief and aid assistance to the affected of natural debacles, providing relief aid to refugees in various countries, providing emergency services to the sufferers of drought, fire, and flood, saving the lives of drowned people added with recovering dead bodies from the seas and floods, free rehabilitating the drug addicts, free tracing the missing people, free arranging marriages for the helpless girls and boys, providing free food, clothing, and blankets to needy people.
Besides above, he also served the humanity by offering his services by, providing free technical education to needy people to make them self-sufficient through the technical knowledge and skills, providing religious education to the children to make them the best human beings, providing consultancy on family planning and maternity services, providing free blood and plasma to the disadvantaged people, providing free shelter, food, and caring to mentally retarded people, caring by giving shelter and food to orphan and helpless children.
Feed Orphan Foundation played his role in some more areas—such as; provided free legal aid to bail out or the prisoners from the prisons, financial and medical support to the prisoners, provided crutches and supporters to the handicapped people, and gave exclusive free bathing and shrouding services to unclaimed dead bodies, so on and so forth. All these services are so much outstanding and exceptional that Feed Orphan Foundation’s role can truly be attributed to an unprecedented example of services to the nation and country of Pakistan as well as humanity, across the globe.

What We do?

  • Water,Sanitation and Environmental conservation.
  • Emergency Response and Disaster preparedness.
  • Sustainable Livelihood Support program.
  • Educational Support Program
  • Healthcare
  • Social Protection.
  • Orphan Child Care
  • Clothes
  • Unsafe Housing
  • Food For Poor
  • Work for Homeless 

  • Mobile and IT Training

  • In particular, Feed Orphan Foundation will work so that:

    • Every child survives and thrives -- being in good health, immunized, protected from polio and accessing nutritious food.
    • Every child learns.
    • Every child is protected from violence and exploitation, and registered at birth.
    • Every child lives in a safe and clean environment, with access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation.

    Sponsoring an orphan will help us pay for food, clothing, medicine, and education for children in some of the most desperate and deprived areas in the world.
    Can you imagine being an orphan child in Gaza, Somalia, Gambia, India, Nepal, Mali, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka or Afghanistan?
    Many children and widows don’t have to imagine; they live it each day.

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